Denim is an extremely durable fabric, and Lee has been synonymous with durability since its establishment in 1889. We design heritage-inspired, timeless denim and apparel that is relevant season after season, and made with high quality fabrics that ensure durability and longevity.


First up, check your care instruction labels because the experts know best! This will ensure correct washing procedures are followed which will prolong the life of your jeans.

To maintain the integrity and colour of your jeans/denim we would suggest that denim doesn’t need to be washed all that often, it can be spot cleaned or aired in between washes. In fact, character is further formed in your jeans the more you wear them without washing in between.

However, when you feel the need to wash your denim make it short and sweet. Turn your jeans inside out

Cold wash with either a handful of salt or low enzyme detergent and fabric softener (again a few drops of essential oil can make your jeans smell sweet without reacting to the denim). Either hand wash or delicate wash. Drip dry in the shade.

Sidenote: Don’t forget, some black denims are sulphur based, which acts like super dark indigo and can sometimes bleed onto lighter colours.


Tricks to not washing them are:

  • Turn them inside out and air them on the line
  • Add a few sprays of an essential oil like lavender in some water to make your jeans smell sweet, Lavender is antibacterial that can kill bacteria and nasty odours
  • For spills and stains without washing - use baby wipes, or a vodka soaked rag and dab (don’t rub) these methods will both take out the stain and will dry without issue


At Lee we take care in producing the best quality clothing for you guys, and we would love you to take care of them too!