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Please study the following terms and conditions carefully. Visiting or using the service www.lee.co.th is considered that you have read and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions including being legally bound to the terms and conditions, the company has the right to amend, change or cancel these terms and conditions and/or any other agreement on this website without the neccessity to notify the users in advance

Copyright and intellectual rights

Software code, presentation formats, trademarks, logos, icons, content, texts, names and images on this website unless specified from other sources are considered the intellectual property of www.lee.co.th solely and is protected by laws. No one is allowed to reproduce, copy, download or modify in any parts or the whole website. In addition, the products that are distributed on the website are protected by patents trademarks or other rights. The company will not be liable for any right violation committed by others.

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Linking to other websites

If the company's website links the service users or customers to other websites that are not under the supervision of the company, we reserve the right not to be responsible for any damage or action of those websites.

Product descriptions and image

The company strives to provide the most accurate product descriptions; however, we cannot guarantee that the product descriptions on those websites will be accurate, complete, reliable, timely, and free of all errors. Likewise, regarding the color of pictures, the company intends to show the product images exactly as they are. But, the color displayed on the user's screen may be distorted according to different computers and screen settings. Therefore, if the products which are distributed by www.lee.co.th are not as described, the company reserves the right not to be responsible for any errors that may occur. (whether it is a product return or product replacement or refund)

In addition, the company reserves the right not to be responsible for any errors of information on this website. (either the wrong price or wrong details, etc.). The company has the right to cancel the order at any time and can change without prior notice.

Subscription conditions

The user must register for membership of the website in order to create a user account to order products or participate in various promotional activities through the website.

The company reserves the right to provide the online shopping service. This includes certain services, such as subscriptions, newsletters, events, and etc. for customers who are registered on the website only.

The user must agree to keep the login name, password and personal information confidential. The service users must accept and be responsible for damages resulting from various actions under your username or your account.

The information the user registers as a member must be reliable, accurate, complete and always up to date.

The company reserves the right to revoke the subscriber's membership immediately without prior notice if it is found that the user has provided false personal information and not up to date or has revealed the password or contrary to the law and public morality

Preventing fraud and misuse

The company has the right to refuse or cancel any order if an account with a history of fraud is detected. In addition, the company has the right to cancel the user's account if fraudulent or illegal behavior is detected. The company enforces such policy to protect our service users including the company from being defrauded and any fraudulent or unlawful behaviors. If the users of the website sends or posts any content, image or information that is against the law, desecrates religions, defames, slanders, malicious, obscene, and offensive affecting the company or any third parties from content or information (either directly or indirectly), the user will be responsible for the damage including liabilities and expenses occurred as a result of the loss of the company or third parties.


The company are welcome to receive your feedbacks and suggestions regarding the company's website, products, services, and such comments are not confidential and may be used to modify, reproduce and disseminate for any purposes. However, the company will not associate your first name and last name with your comments and suggestions without your permission unless it is against the law.